Singles meet in many different places. Some might even say that it varies among each of these places. For the purposes of this article we are going to talk about one place that all singles meet, and that is a bar or club. Clubs or bars are becoming more and more of a staple because of the endless number of choices it offers. It not only offers a great place to meet people, but it also allows a person to get greater and greater control of who he or she wants to meet. This is a true haven for singles because they can come in and out of situations at the club in a fashion that is not possible in other public environments.

What does a bar or club offer that is different from the traditional meeting places?

1. You can move about at your own pace – No matter if you are a seasoned bar hopper, you will have no problem moving into a club or bar at your own pace. The time you spend at the bar is your own, no one else’s. If you want to talk to someone, go right ahead. People will get a sense of who you are, when you do, you have the opportunity to move on to a bigger group of people, or continue to talk to the same person.2. You can move people of the same interest together – You are sitting opposite each other. You are both engaged in conversation, and it is easy to connect or share opinions and stories at the bar. At the other end of the conversational spectrum, you are moving in opposite directions. At the music concert, one person is going to be going along with the beat and the other is not. At the club, it is the same thing. People who are going along with the beat, are moving together, while people who are either staying away from the beat, or the music are moving in opposite directions. These are the types of movements you are likely to see when you are in a bar or club.3. You actually have to talk to people – It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are. You are in a bar or club because you want to meet people and talk to them, so you have to talk to people. If you do not, then you just spend the night glued to the bar watching other people meet other people, while you are sitting there on your own or with others and you just occupy your evening wondering when “the call” to go out will come. Single people spend their evenings, trying to figure out how to get out of the house, or how to meet someone… and most of the time, without a date, they give up… because there is not enough chance to meet someone.

How does a bar or club differ from a night club?

It’s a night club, but there are a lot of other differences, and let us look at theray of those differences.1. You are not allowed to leave the establishment (unless you want to get a drink out of the bartender or the bartender shouting at you).2. The only two of you are talking, and those conversations cannot continue on a personal level. There is a lot of “hey’s and hi’s” that occur, but you are not allowed to “mingle” unless you want to get a drink from the bartender.3. There is a different energy at a club or bar, such as a night club, a lot of lights, etc.In order for you to see the difference, if someone goes to get a drink at the bartender and then hands it back to the bartender, and then takes another step and gets a drink at another bartender, they are not getting a drink at the bar, and they are not “mingling” with the bar staff, they are being “permitted” to get a drink at another location, and they are not doing what they are supposed to be doing and are out of control and not being responsible.4. A night club or bar is very noisy, and it is very difficult to talk.5. It is very expensive to go out to a night club or bar.

If you have been to a bar, or night club, and you cannot hear yourself speak, and you have to, then you are not going to be able to communicate with other people. You cannot talk, and if you are not able to communicate with other people, you are not going to be able to date people. I am not saying this because there are some people that love to sing and to dance, and I may consider them to be a disability, but you have to understand that if you cannot hear the other person, you are not going to date that person.I am not a night club or bar person, but I have been told by people that this is one of the least popular places to try to date.