It doesn’t matter what the case is, whether it’s online, telephone, or in person, you should always ask a woman for a date. I have a lot of good female friends and clients and everyone has the same rule that I have. “A Man should always assume the role of ‘the man’ when asking a woman for a date. The reason for this is that it gives the woman a sense of security that not many men will achieve and it is most definitely the way to go when approaching a woman for any kind of intimate encounters.”

I am going to be taking a different approach in this article. Instead of assuming the role of “the man” I am going to assume the role of “the potential partner“. The reason for this is that while men think of themselves as the potential partner, women are different. You will not find many women that want to go out with men that have absolutely nothing to offer them sexually. Understand this if you are going to be assuming the role of potential partner. Many women have already made up their mind what they are looking for in a potential partner. Many women will have already discarded men with no potential as unlikely to have anything to offer as well. You need to have something to offer in order to attract a woman in.

Woman For A Date

If you want to use the assume the role of “potential partner” formula you need to ensure that you are approaching women face to face. When you do meet women you want to ensure that your conversations are intellectually engaging and that you are comfortable with yourself. The absolute guide to approaching women for the purpose of qualification has to do with things like these “What does your mother do”, “What is your favorite movie?”, “What is your idea of a perfect date?”, questions that result in an interview style get the information you want. When you are answering your questions and being open minded you want to make sure that you are not trying to qualify the woman. Remember you can’t qualify a woman and you should not try in this manner.

Any guide to approaching women for qualification that you find the internet will have to agree that you will be a bad boy on day one and then a nice guy on the second day. On the third day you switch it back to being a bad boy and then you work towards being a nice guy. These dynamic models are the ones that politicians use when making speeches. It is the same way with mates, its a must to follow this approach. Seducing a mate for the purpose of qualification can be done using a variety of different numbers. Just ask her what she really wants from the absolute guide to approaching women for qualification and this will be the starting point of many dynamic approaches. Other approaches are adopting her three favorite movies of all time and asking her questions about these three movies. You can ask a question about why she likes these movies and form the questions you want this to be answered and then automatic patterns spinh patterns of questions after a short period of time…Five minutes, twenty five second questions.

Great Technique

Another great technique I want to share, that really makes a woman go through an emotional roller coaster is this. When you see her, immediately spin this model around so that she is now praising you. Simply observe her for five minutes and then have wherever you are going go to another place five minutes. This will continue to do the job, simply because the more time you go from place to place, the more she feels everyday about you. There are many different approaches that you can do when approaching primarily women but each approach has one thing in common. First, this is the absolute guide to approaching women and the other approaches are merely variations of that. The final step is that you must learn to hypnotize her. There is a brief explanation on how to do this in my other article.