Most guys would love to have super human confidence around women. They’d love to walk into any social situation, see a cute girl and say, “OMG! I’m the world’s best looking man! You have to give me your number!” If only they’d get their act together. Instead of waiting around for something to happen, they should say, “IF ONLY I knew what to say, I’d have said something weeks ago!”

The great thing is that this is completely different approachable. Anything approaching based on what you think she’s like or what you think she wants, comes across as needy on purpose. Something’s wrong there. There’s nothing wrong with being confident, although you DO have to take responsibility for what happens.When most guys see a cute girl, they suddenly lose their balls and say or do something they regret.

They come to her acting like the man in charge and then WAY, WAY TOO CLOSE.That’s because they’ve created a situation where the girl has ultimate power and control.She’s the one who chooses what to say, how to respond and where to go from there.Do this and you’ve created willy-nilly charisma that is way, WAY off.Superhuman confidence simply requires that you OWN the situation you are in. You are unreactive, you don’t care what she does or says, and you are confident enough to just walk away.The best way to do this is to simply FORCE your brain to think of yourself as a WITHOUT A SHE.

This is the same thing that happens when you “see a girl” and you suddenly feel nervous, afraid, insecure… you’re not exposed like you would be in a normal social situation.Your brain is HAPPY that you’re clued in to the fact that there’s an attractive without actually having to think about it.This is the Reinforcing treadmill phenomenon.Anytime we’re in a situation where we SHOULD be “reinforcing” something, our brain goes into fight or flight mode.This triggers that huge chemical rush which makes us feel light headed and anxious. If we need more evidence to support the behavior, the nervousness will come out.You want to get to this level with women. You want to be so secure and confident that the sexual encounter that is about to occur is a pleasant surprise to you rather than something that you have to fend off/watch out for.

EDUCATION: The Quick Answer

What do you need to do to get to this level?Take the time to find out what’s motivating your anxiety and simply CANCEL the anxiety.Are you going to simply ignore it and do nothing?Or are you willing to put the energy behind this change to better your skills?What you need to do is create intent. What do you want to get out of this interaction?EDUCATION: What’s Your Brain Learning?So when you get back into interacting in these social situations, what is your brain learning?Are you getting better at gaming the system?Are you feeling motivated to talk to her and have a real conversation?Are you being honest about who you are and what you’re looking for?Are you feeling motivated to be yourself and really INSPIRE her with what you have to say?Are you being HONEST with yourself and being more willing to be yourself and reveal what’s holding you back?Are you being honest about what you’re looking for and about what’s really important to you in a relationship?Are you simply gaining experience and ironing out the kinks in your skills?Can you see yourself REALLY HERDING girlfriends the next time you get to go to a club or invest in an upscale event?The bottom line is that you have to stop HOPING things will change.

EDUCATION: What’s The Shortcut?

The good news is, no matter how bad you may be feeling, there is always hope.First, there is always the possibility that the interactions you’re having with women will work out to your advantage. This means that NOTHING you do will matter, not even your looks or bank account. Maybe you’re a bum, a rebel, a loser, or just plain too lazy to learn how to meet women.But here’s the deal. If you look at the BIG picture, you’ll realize that there are triples as many women as men in the world. So there are plenty of opportunities DOESN’T matter.You can be short, ugly, broke, unconfident and still attract every single woman you meet. And how many times has that felt like the hopeless romantic compared to the definite and easy Apelling sensation of sexual disappointment?