When men function and function properly, they are capable of pulling all types of women. To be successful at dating, you need to have the proper tools to attract women. These tools have never been easier to understand and to use. Dating is a very tough business, whether you are new to it or a seasoned veteran. The 5 tips below will give you the proper toolbox to be successful at dating.

1. Shrug off fears.

For some guys, the prospect of dating new women can be incredibly intimidating. Perhaps you have been rejected before, and your first couple of dates haven’t gone well. Your confidence may be speaking volumes to women about who you are, and most of them aren’t saying “Hello” back to you. Rather, they are saying “We just want to be friends, ” and nothing else. If you keep surfing the internet for new women to date, you will continue to get more and more frustrated. The key to success in dating is to become far more self-confident. soak up everything you read in that book you read once and that should clear things up for you.

2. Be yourself

One of the most important dating tips for men to follow is that you must be yourself. You can’t pretend to be someone else for the rest of your life, and if you do, eventually you will be found out. Not only that, but how long do you want to keep up the charade? Right now, chances are you are still living your own life. taking dating tips classes may help cure you of your fear of approaching women, but if you want to be successful at dating, you must open up your single life to involvement outside of your dating life.

3. Look your best

This isn’t just for first dates, but for any date. Women like confidently gyrating women. Very few women are attracted to shy, awkward men. For them, shy and awkward means they can’t get past your tongue. Be yourself, take a shower and wear clean clothes. (You are not going to find your soul mate at a karaoke bar) Take pride in how you look and present yourself appropriately. If you know you look good, it will show.

4. Relax

Pull yourself to your full height, maintain good posture and relax. Do not over analyze your date. It takes nerves to think too much without thinking how she might react. Think about this….should I start blabbing about myself and boasting about all the cars I owned? Not on your first date. Give a woman a chance to learn about you as well. Don’t be afraid to let her know you have a good personality too.

5. Don’t be cheap

If you are the guy who always takes her to the highest rated restaurant in town, quit it. Women today do not use diners to find out how good you are. They do not want to know this at dinner. Even a woman who takes you out to expensive restaurant to get to know you better will not be interested in dating you if you spend your entire date talking about yourself, especially when you do not divulge information about your personal life. Take a woman out, show her a good time. Tip generously. Pay attention to her desires and desires not mine. Be considerate and polite, and she will be terrific at the end of the night. If you follow these dating tips for men, you may not end up being alone long. But if you take pride in yourself, the right woman will walk into your life. These are the most effective dating tips for men you will ever read. Follow them and your success will multiply exponentially.