Most of us have met or known someone who is not in a relationship and complaining that they can’t find anyone. If you believe that, you can very easily be sabotaging your own love life. This is not something unique to people who are looking for love; it’s a universal problem. The trick is learned; you have to open your eyes and see that the man (or boys) you’re interested in, are not to everyone’s taste. Some of these men may not fit your “perfect” ideal, but if you want to have success in this life, choose to believe in the possibilities and don’t limit the possibilities.

Boys to Avoid

1. Mr. Green screen. Mr. Green screen had a lot of children, was badly married with divorce papers still hanging from his prison record, and has predator-looking enhancements on his driver’s license. He also suffers from mild depression, social phobia, as well as a very violent temper. Mr. Green Screen is a good case study for the ages 9-15. This is the group of boys who cannot choose the right career, love relationships, as well as a mate. They are so focused on perfection the moment they feel discomfort, are confused when their relationships don’t work out, and are scared to commit to marriage because of the divorce consequences hanging over their heads.

Mr. Who’s your daddy?

Many of these kids come from single mother households. Their stepfathers never had them accompany them to school events or family get-togethers. They were not cured of their father’s love and commitment issues until they were grown, and remainder of the time the biological father was not in their life. Some of these boys were even punished for looking at a picture of their real father. My favorite was Mr. 1939, a Hitler Youth. He was only 5’4″ and 150 pounds, but he was 31 years old, a good looking man with loving, sincere, kind personality. He appeared almost carefree in contrast to the rest of the boys in their generation. When it was time for him and his family to meet their grandmother, my heart was filled with admiration for this young man. Once he stood at the dinner table in front of his family, he took the chair facing his mother. As he turned to face her, he sent her flowers with his mother on her deathbed. The father’s sisters were taken by their mother, and they sat in the very front row, as if they had known this boy their entire lives. Unbelievable!

Mr. Fake

This individual exhibits several behavioral traits typical of a male who is skilled at either concealing his emotions or minimizing them. His napkin is passed out un Treat with care, and placed anywhere but in his hand or pocket. He has mastered the technique of coming up with reasons for why he is not able to take a phone call or attend a social function. He appears to have the ability to come up with thoughtful justifications for everything he does, at least in the view of the female species. Did you know that the average time spent with an associate is 2 hours (not counting traveling) – therefore it is impossible to have a conversation indoors, with this person unless you’re willing to put him on a pedestal, and overlook his faults at the same time. To understand the experiences of the under 30 crowd, and the even older crowd, this man does seem to embody many of the traits associated with neither one group, nor the other.

 Mr. Safety

Mr. Fake may carry a gun, but for the most part, he will remain away from any threatening situations. He will not promise to call, and he will not take calls when he is at a prearranged spot. And he makes sure you know where he is, even if he gives you his number. For some people, this guy is the pink elephant man. For those who look beyond the superficial, he is a realordial figure. One only has to look for the highly unlikely circumstances in which he will come into contact with another person, whether male or female, to understand that this guy is capable of providing safety.

Mr. Scrooge

Never mind what his wallet looks like – this guy is one of the most frugal men in the world. He will not buy you expensive gifts, or take you out on expensive dates. Or, if he does take you out, he will not pay for it in amounts that indicate a large amount of income. And, he is not impolite. He will buy you a huge variety of gifts, and pay for the one that is your favorite. Of course, he will then go to great lengths to explain the reason for the payment, and the expected value of the gift.