Seducing a cougar is something you should do if you are a young guy who is already looking for a steady girlfriend because of the age difference and the fact that cougars know exactly what they want when it comes to sexual matters. If you are lucky and you have the same feelings for a cougar that you just started dating the art of seducing her will come easily to you. Right now, if you are a young man who knows nothing about cougars, you have an advantage of having the older woman to teach you and help you on the right ways to seduce them. But, seducing a cougar doesn’t mean that she has to have a full package. A cougar is one who is not after a guy who is just wasting his time with her. So, a cougar is not ready to be dropped on your lap and told to have a good time with you. A cougar is looking for a guy who is older than her, is mature and is ready to have a serious relationship. This is why, if you are confident and mature enough and you know you are a catch, she will see that your decision to be with you is not just because of her looks.

Cougars are not interested to play games

Since they are older than the people they are dating, they are more focused on who can offer them stability. If you are serious and committed to pursuing a relationship with a cougar, when you decide to pick her up, you need to bring your level of confidence and seriousness in the conversation. You don’t want to have several conversation threads which will lead in the direction of different opinions. You need to talk on the common interests, while you focus on her.Cougars are not just playing with words, your words can make or break the relationship. You need to be respectful by telling her that you have a big expectation of her. When speaking with her, you must talk with her as if you are the one she is talking about. By simply saying that you expect her to be on her best, you will be able to make her expect the same from you.

There are a lot of cougars who are successful in having relationships. Unfortunately, a lot of younger men do not have the patience to accept the idea. You want to make sure that you are attractive to her, and her to you. If you are a young man looking for a mature woman to have a relationship with, you need to be aware of the age gap. If you are looking at the right signs in her behavior, and if she is looking at the same qualities in you, then it is worth the wait. Remember however, that you need to be accepting of her. Avoid personalities that will remind her of her younger boyfriend. Anyway you want to make sure that you attract her attention. When you are serious about the relationship, you do not want to be like friends and have her when you are in a relationship.

Being a cougar is not just about the money, although you will want to have a stable career.

It is the Bridging Self and Your Intimate Self. When you were single you had expectations to meet with your partner. When you do meet with her, it is to expect, the need for an intimacy will be a very important aspect. Now that you are in a relationship you have expectations, but not any intimacy will be hard to find. In your career you have learned a lot about the different type of partners that not only attract you, but also hold you back from being serious about a relationship. Consider the satisfaction you get from that relationship. You want to find those traits which will make the biggest impact on you. It is the same for everybody, the idea of intimacy is a wonderful thing including physical gratification, but it all depends on the individual. If you have been in a great relationship with someone, it means that you have gone past the bloom of your bloom, and are now at a certain maturity in your own life.

If you are eager to have a healthy relationship or if you just want to remain as friends, allow your relationship to be at a comfortable level, this is the time when you will be able to determine the possibilities for your relationship. If you do not have the funds to date, finding a partner you can remain as a friend, allows you to gauge the matured progress in your relationship. If you are looking for a friend you can have a casual dinner, you get to determine what you have.advantages of remaining friends is that you are not locked in relationship. If you want to remain friends, you have the ability to opt out when it is not working out. Does not end your friendship. Have the option to opt out depending on how it is treating you.