Airbrush Your Profile Picture

Online profile pictures are a touchy subject. We all want to post the most flattering pictures of ourselves. At the same time, we don’t want to start falling for someone online only to meet them and find out that they chose super-flattering pictures that don’t reflect what they really look like. There’s definitely a balance to be had in posting good pictures which actually reflect who you are. So where do airbrushed pictures fall into that balance?

A relatively new site,, is offering a service which airbrushes your photos for you in basically the same manner that celebrity photos look airbrushed. It’s still you in the pics but your flaws are finessed. If you’ve ever seen a star up close, you know that it’s a bit disappointing to find that they don’t really look like their magazine photos. So is it really a good idea to be doing this with your online profile pictures?

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  1. jodie
    4. June 2008 – 3:24 pmgo on thia plEASE http://WWW.BEBO.COM/FAGT
  2. abbie
    17. July 2008 – 10:57 ammake me clearer and look better
  3. kirsty
    21. September 2008 – 8:29 amLOL
  4. shan
    25. September 2008 – 12:25 pmyep, good to go!!
  5. tara
    26. September 2008 – 1:25 pmwell good
  6. hoana
    3. October 2008 – 8:31 ami juss want to see what i would look like
  7. Helen
    10. November 2008 – 3:49 pmwna see what its gna look lyk 🙂 lol
  8. karrie
    6. December 2009 – 5:48 pmcant wait tew see it