Chat Up Lines – If you haven’t tried chatting up a girl or waiting for the girl to come up to you, then you are seriously missing out! You see, that ultra-hot girl on the other side of the bar, or the corner of the bar, is NOT interested in just going out with you. She is going to use her pick up lines as a way to talk to you as well.

Now, some people may wonder, “Well how am I supposed to use those pick up lines if I don’t know hershopper?” Well, this is the trick that is going to work. It’s calledfractionation. All you need to do is get her to talk about how she wants to leave, and get her to describe to you, as vividly as possible, the best part of her life that happens when she is with you.

Chat Up Lines

The easiest way to do

This is to get her to talk about the ” raped her in a bear outfit ” type of after party. I remember one time I used this technique successfully. I was going to go to the toilet and this girl that I had never spoke to before walked up to me and told me that her buddy ripped her pants off. I was shocked and she was admitting to me that it was all his fault.

At that moment, I became veryived, and I was confident that with my incredibly combined understand of male-female interaction that I couldIGATEeach girl’s emotions, mood, and personality. At the end of the night, when she was going to leave, I got her number and told her I would call her tomorrow, and that she should just scheme some things for the night because tomorrow, Friday, she would be running into thousands of people, and they would all be staring at her with 100 teeth. And if she was good looking, well… God love her…..I got her number for the pickup line.

You can do these sorts of things in a few minutes

Within a few hours or less, depending on how skilled you are. And you will see that picking up women is much, much easier than what you are imagining. My exact words to her were: “Hi, this is � Franchini “(Super Clever Nickname)”. You know what, you seem kind of interesting. I am interested in you, too, but only the right kind of interested. In the mean time, good chatting.”

See what I did there? Within those two words, I gave both of them a fantastic framework for conversation. For her, it was: WANT TO MEET SOME MORE PEOPLE. Think of the conversation this way: No, you do not want to only meet her friends, but you also want her to get to know you better Chat Up Lines.

While learning such an ability, it is very important to understand the verbally language that it follows so that everybody is getting the right proper message, and so that she can avoid misinterpreting the message.

Chat Up Lines

There are a few steps that remain the same for every woman that you examine and practice on :

The basic principle is the same regardless of the specifics of the circumstances which led up to the request for the chat up.

  • Women want to be noticed and respectedThe second thing that they want to happen is that they feel safe and secure around you. They want to know that you are confident, not arrogant, that you are sure of yourself, that’s why they like you. Even if they do not tell you that, in many cases they will project it to others. So anotherLie that almost nobody tells the truth about is that almost every woman has a desire for mature men. The best way to project that is to be the nicest person that you can possibly be Chat Up Lines.
  • So now the third and final principle that you need to obey to win a girl you need to own your sexual agency, which is the cardinal sin in our society. Women like a challenge and are intrigued by the tactic that smart guys use. By dominating the sexual desire women have for you, you have already won half your battle.

So make sure that you follow the rules, ignore the advice that you would have heard elsewhere, and win her heart with truth, sincerity, and virtue.

Chat Up Lines