Find True Love – How is it going to be when the time comes and you find yourself amongst couples who by themselves, no matter how hard you try, can’t seem to have a date, a lover, or a friend and the thought of being amidst this kind of setting while you are at work is getting me to lose my patience?

I have had enough of this dating mess and what I would like to do is to see this generation grow up and have more understanding and a greater plan of action towards this encouraging generation.

My point of view is that it is up to the adults responsible for these youths to do something to improve their social surroundings and to give them the necessary tools with which they can draw their attention and create a better and more promising future for themselves.

The problem with these young people is that they don’t know who they are

Find True Love

How to act, how to relate, how to communicate, how to deal with the frustration that affches with every minor relationship problem they run into, and above all they are suspicious towards strangers including their very own parents because they lack in understanding.

My advise is that we must start from where we are with these youths and we must be very good at observation and we must have very keen judgment. Sometimes we must even lose our own identities. How can we achieve this? We need to have that spontaneous visitor’s attitude that I am talking about.

What I would like to say to parents and guardians is that it is not necessary for you to involve your kids in all these dating issues because there are other things that they are doing wrong as well that you might want your kids to witness. I want your children to know that there is a better way and that we do have a better way to live, with a greater purpose and a greater vision for the life we have together Find True Love.

The reality is that there are many answers

Many solutions, and the one thing that you can do is to open your eyes and let your intuition be your guide to choosing a life where we have been sitting as a couple and yet we have been rigid and inflexible with all our decisions in life. We have been a victim of the fact that life has been unfair, where everything was about satisfying ourselves.

Find True Love

My vision is a simple one:

  • to be happy, to feel life as a free human being 2.0,
  • to feel the power in the interplay between creation and humanity,
  • to share the drama in life as it happens now and to celebrate the beauty in all the experiences that we can share with each other today. My vision is to have a free interplay between man and woman, a free interplay between men and women, a free interplay of heads, hearts, palms, fingers, toes andDSLs(that’s just for the ladies because we need it and I need it too) and a free interplay between men and women by simply communicating and listening to each other.
  • The head, heart Find True Love, palms, and fingers: those are the hands that we have used to communicate in the past but have been accustomed to using the cold shoulder for communication because we were too scared to say things.
  • Now, this needs to change and my hope is that it does. I intend to join with some of the great speakers in the South Americanalsa community.

In the weeping of an old song I am emotional

I have found the peace that I have longed for, I have come to the knowledge of things, lost and found, in a relationship and within myself. I no longer am walking with a wallet filled with notes and I am no longer walking with a heavy load like a burden beyond my shoulders. The burdens in my newfound relationship have shifted to different people and different things and I have come to terms with the fact that life itself has become a burden. I must embraces life as it is and as I become more knowledgeable about the things that I am looking for, life has become lighter and sweeter. This is a wonderful attitude to have in relation to life and to relationship. Why? because life is complete as it is.

Find True Love

The sooner we adopt this new attitude towards life and towards those things in our lives, the sooner we will see life for what it truly is and the best part of it is that life is about sharing and caring. When we as human beings take the burden out of our own lives, by caring for others, we can care for ourselves also Find True Love. When it is our turn to care for others, we realize that it doesn’t have to be so because we always have each other.

Find True Love