Relationship Marriages need hard work. Sometimes the hardest job is keeping a marriage on track to success. There are a lot of things to handle in a marriage and one of the biggest is to keep your husband satisfied, content and happy with you. Here are a few things that you can do to keep this job.


Take one step at a time

The best way to attain what you want is to take it one step at a time. It is important to get things done within a limited timeline and to achieve desired results. So, think of your goals and work accordingly take on one task at a time. Plan your actions and execute them when you are set to do them, execute them when you task is complete but take note, don’t appear so impatient. Work steadily and you will see the outcome.

Don’t discuss about marriage

Before a couple decides to get married, they generally avoid talking about the future. Unless the talks bring to light an intention to wed, they tend to go about the business of life, what they will do today and what they will do tomorrow. Talking about the future afraid destroys this positive model of your relationship.

Talk about your future in peaceIf you feel that your relationship has the capacity to grow faster, then you should automatically talk about your future together. If you both see a common future, a future with common goals and dreams, then talking about marriage doesn’t need to be talked about…..then peace will come.

Take a break

Once a marriage is getting serious the couple seems to lose the Balance and start discussing about things like home, children, where would they grow, what should they do for the rest of their lives. Take a break for a while and go through your emotional feelings. Make your home a haven for your soul to relax and be at peace.


Stay connected with your friends

Take your friends and family by giving them the time. Spend time with them, do shopping, go jogging and wine at a bar. Your discreet efforts to stay connected with others will actually get you closer to your soul mate. Your direct efforts to talk to each other over the phone can also help and you can seek professional help from a counselor to work through your problems if you need it.

Take some effort to let go of your weightIf you and your husband have been together for such a long time and if you both have gained excess weight then you should consider going to a fitness centre and working out. Try to be as active as you can, perhaps start jogging and then you can both take some part in some physical activity together. This will be good for your health and you will be happy to do something positive for yourself.

Ask your friends to help you outIf you have lost a few pounds together you could hit the gym and ask your friends to help you lose some weight. Your friends will be able to pick great ideas and with their suggestions you will be in a positive frame of mind.

Keep active and brainy

You can be of great help to your husband by eating healthy and making sure that your brain works properly. Be smart with your finances and make sure that you are savvy with financial matters and your husband will be excited to show you off to his friends and colleagues.