So, what is…the Matrix?
The new trend in online dating is social networking. From the closed circle of orkut, to the ever-growing tribe, people are moving their offline networks to the web. Even is introducing a similar service to its users. The 2004 resolution of online dating seems to be there fore: “I network, therefore I am.”Be sure you don’t miss the opportunity of networking your network.Share and share alike!

Online social networks give you the opportunity of broadening your circle of friends starting from the people you know, from your friends, getting to know your friends’ friends,and so on. You can even start your search from people you don’t know yet, based on different criteria: age, areas of interest, etc.They can be use not only for dating, but also for job hunting and career advice, and even for business opportunities. However, we’ll stick to dating for now.
Rumors go throughout the net that even Google wanted to buy one of the first social networking sites, Friendster, so this trend must be big.It has been acknowledged as the next best thing. Now Google launched Orkut with a killer stategy: it is invite-only, and you must have a friend that has a friend …that has a friend at Google to enter.And this kind of secrecy makes everyone even MORE curious than if this would be just some other Friendster-like social networking site.
Other sites you should consider: linkedin, meetup, mixermixer, and last but definitely not least, huminity.
Keep coming back for reviews of these sites and some overall comments, facts and figures.